A Study about Collection of Funds by a Crowd Funding Platform:

It would be no wrong to say that by using crowd funding techniques, money can be collected like it is being grown on trees. But, that is only possible if the crowd funding platforms alongside the crowd funding techniques are used efficiently. According to a recent result of a six whole years of study about the collection of funds, it has been stated that entrepreneurs are made enabled to collect funds at large scale from world’s renowned investors provided if the use of crowd funding technique is done in the righteous manner. This study was conducted by a well-known crowd funding platform namely “Equity Net.com”. In addition to it, the study furthermore highlights the following points in depth in order to raise money for any cause.
Location of the Fundraising Event:
A large amount of “can-be-gathered” money depends upon the location of fundraising program. The study emphasizes that most of the business deals and setups are held right in the middle of United States of America. So, it would be better to introduce your fundraising program there rather than any coastal or Alley area.
Respectable Amount of Funds is to be requested:
The demand of the funds should not be much higher, as it gets harder for the company to pay. Somehow, if the company releases the requested demand of the funds, would not be paying attention on your up-coming fundraising events ever again. The amount that is to be demanded must remain under 50% of the business deal of investment capital.
Event should be of Median Length:
The duration period of the fundraising event is also an important factor. It should not be long enough that companies who were willing to release the funds gradually lose their interest. At the very same time, the event should not be short campaigned that most of the companies are left unaware about the fundraising program. According to the Equitynet.com, a well-known crowd funding china the management should rather adopt a median length of fundraising event.
Detect and Target Profitable Business Groups or Companies:
Before managing any fundraising event, it is to be researched that which business groups or companies are generating respectable amount of revenue. The demand of the profit should me requested accordingly. Most of the business groups don’t generate that much profit as people from outside think so. So, it is to be detected first that which companies are running the profitable business in the running year.
While concluding, it can be said that crowd funding platforms do play an important role in the collection of large amount of funds within a relative short span of time period. However, there are some techniques involved in utilizing the crowd funding platforms in a better way that ultimately will draw the attention of giant investors in the market. The point to remember is that always stay flexible when it comes to dealing with the business groups. The flexible and median attitude will definitely attract the investors to donate the money to such a fundraising team that listens and work accordingly.

Generate Large Amount of Funds by Implementing School Fundraising Ideas:

Business sales presentation on product or serviceKids are always found to be the most-innocent creatures of this world. Well, then who else can have the literal pain of this suffering world other than kids in heart? best fundraising ideas if implemented on school kids can lead to generate hundreds or may be even thousands of dollars of funds within no time.  There are dozens of school fundraising ideas that can be practiced to gather a large amount of funds within short span of time or say, within the schooling time. Kids can also practice many fundraising ideas on behalf of their school administration and can earn money that can be utilized in the prosperity of the humanity. So, there are tons of options available to generate the funds. Following are some of the most effective ideas that are being utilized on large scale to collect funds these days.

Sell Sweet Products (Candy Bars):

Almost every kid loves to eat candy bars. So, why not to utilize their favorite dish for collection of fund? This idea is relatively easier to practice for high school kids. There is a simple rule involved in dealing with the candy bars and that is your school administration will be purchasing a definite amount of candies of behalf of your team members and then the team members can sell those back to their school mates at lesser price. Since, this is a low cost idea and requires less investment so school administrations usually not pay attention on the losses. They are more interested in generating funds. Chocolates are another relevant alternative to candy bars. However, it would be great if the school administration can order both the products simultaneously.

Utilize Spring Season:
People are found to be busy in gardening, specifically in the month of spring. It is another great idea to sell the gardening products to the residents living nearby the school or college. If this seems hard and time consuming due to the burden of studies, students can simply request the school administration to publish the gardening brochure that can be delivered to local residents to help them educate about the effective ways of gardening.

Science & Art Exhibition:
This is one of the most innovative ideas of collecting funds. Kids can come up with innovative science-fiction ideas that can be projected on a small scale using household items. School administration is then required to announce a specific day for science and art exhibition inviting everyone to come and visit the school. This can lead up to the generation of large amount of funds. People will not only love and appreciate the hard efforts of kids but will also be interested in purchasing the project. The projects can be sold on minimum charges. Such healthy social activities must be organized from time to time in order to divert the school kids’ minds to a more creative and appropriate approach.


Everybody would love to pay the kids in terms of funds. Youth is considered as the back bone of any nation. If these kids today will understand the real pain of this world, it will ultimately grow them as a responsible citizen and a human being.

Raising money for charity Through Sporting Events

Sports has always been one of those activities amongst the youth that never have seen the downfall in the history of mankind. So, organizing different sporting events can make you enable to gather large amount of funds. There are dozens of different ideas that can be implemented to organize a sporting event locally as well as internationally to serve any specific cause in the best interest of the humanity. Local residents in sporting events can be best-fit in two ways, either you can turn the people into a large number of audience, or you can ask them to come-in and play the tournament on minimal registration fee.  Football, among all the sports, is one of the most-watched games in today’s era. So, organizing football events can help to collect large amount of funds within 90 minutes of time. There is no rocket science involved that raising money for charity through sporting event is always welcomed and endorsed from the public. Following are some of the basic techniques that can be utilized for raising money for charity through a football event.
Every town, area or even the States have different business companies in the locality. These business companies should take one step forward in raising money for charity by arranging inter-company football tournament. This is one of the most effective ideas to gather large amount of funds within no time. Alongside, it proves to be a healthy activity among the workers too. In addition to it, it’s good chance to advertise the company itself. So basically, arranging a sporting event and most specifically football tournament can serve multiple tasks with an hour and a half.

The secondary way to get involved in collection of funds through football event is by supporting the local different teams. Business groups can ask them to sponsor the tournament and the KIT material. It can be a good gesture among the business companies and people can come to know about the favoritism of their hot-teams by business groups. Audience would be more interested to see the business groups and football teams within the same field. It can help in building new contacts along with huge sized advertising benefit.
Last but not the least, national based business companies can sponsor the boards that most of the audience love to bring in stadium. It would be a great plus if the boarding can be printed within the company’s capacity. People would definitely love to hold the boards advertising the company’s promotional services along with some emotional message containing the real pain of this very same world.

In general, it can be concluded that sporting events are of a great a help to serve the humanity. People love to watch and play the sports along with helping the needy people. So, it’s a double benefit for such audience to play, enjoy, and have fun while contributing a large stake for the prosperity of humanity. Raising money for charity can be gathered with so many techniques, but Sports has always been one of the most attractive of all.

World’s Top Crowdfunding Sites

It seems quite hard to collect fund at large scale, especially in today’s era when crowdfundingeverybody is busy making money. So, how the people can be asked to donate their hard earned money? Well, huge amount of funds can be collected when it comes to utilize the crowfunding technique. It has been termed as one of the most effective strategy to collect large amount of funds within no time. In order to practice crowdfunding technique, there must be some platforms which people are required to use to collect funds for a specific cause. There are hundreds of crowdfunding platforms available online but it is very important to select the most appropriate pick according to the given cause and other circumstances.
Following are some of the top crowdfunding sites that offer their wide services for the prosperity of humanity. These platforms can be utilized efficiently to collect large amount of funds for any supportive cause.


It is one of the top crowdfunding sites that is producing large amount of funds being used in multiple causes. This site is termed as one of the strongest contender when it comes to collection of funds for the needy people. There are nearly around 74 thousands of causes that are being funded with the help of Kickstarter. So far, this crowdfunding platform has generated around $ 383million to support different natures of projects.


WeFunder is another dominant name among top crowdfunding sites. It is considered as the most suitable platform especially for startups. Marketing has always been remained their primary tool for collection of funds. No other cowdfunding site leads when it comes to marketing strategies of  WeFunder. In addition to it, they provide their full fledge support to amateurs who are passionate to start their business. They offer little investments on their names to establish business setups. It has produced some of the world’s renowned businessmen who have started their business with the investment of just $100. What WeFunder needs is a passionate person who can dedicate his time, will, attitude and everything to prosper his own self.


Indigogo is said to the oldest crowdfunding platform that has gradually built up its name and now is marked among the top crowdfunding sites. Indigogo claims to have the largest network around the globe covering around 195 countries and more than 30,000 campaigns so far. Indigogo support those people who come up with brilliant ideas of establishing their selves. Indigogo came into being after the hard efforts of three people with brainstorming ideas. The trio then thought to widen their services and now are known as the founder of a crowdfunding platform.
For any individual or team who is determined to collect funds at large scale, it is highly suggested to first opt for the most suitable crowdfunding platform. In order to choose the appropriate crowdfunding platform, there are list available online and one can easily find his\her required platform. The list of top crowdfunding sites gets updated from time to time; therefore it is required to go through the lists regularly.

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An Introduction to Crowdfunding & Crowdfunding Platform:

crowd fundingCrowdfunding has been termed as one of the most effective forms of collecting funds at wide scale. In addition to it, the surplus amount of funds beside the targeted goal can be achieved by utilizing online (internet) resources and means. Before getting into any course of action regarding the fund collection programs, it is very important to have some handy knowledge especially about crowdfunding platform.
What Is Crowdfunding?
It is one of the latest techniques that have been introduced to collect funds on big scale. Basically, it involves the effort of each and every individual working in the same team according to their capacity. The joint effort of team can only achieve the targeted amount of funds while using this technique. You simply can’t rely on a single team member or the leading team member and cannot even mark him\her responsible for any blunder. In order to collect huge amount of funds at comparatively large scale, for this purpose, there are especial crowdfunding platforms that offers different team to come-in, join, and raise funds. These funds are mostly gathered for natural disaster victims or the patients who have been diagnosed with any of the life taking disease that includes cancer, aids or hepatitis. Moreover, these funds also support journalism and other different media personnel communities. It depends on the cause for which the fund is being collected using crowdfunding platform.
How to Collect:

The primary crowdfunding platform has always been remained the online resources. There are especial fundraising letter templates available online through which fundraising letters are sent to the officers at different posts in well-known companies. The lay-out of online fundraising letter template offers the writer to request and state point-to-point discussion about the cause of collecting funds. The higher the number of resources the team has, higher the expectations are to gather large amount of funds. Again, It depends upon individual capacity of each and every member of the team. Hence, in order to collect large amount of founds, members of the team are required to be highly enthusiastic, dedicated, committed and definitely maximum in numbers.

How Far the CrowdFunding Idea has prevailed:

It has been noticed that crowdfunding platforms are being used to support different political causes, art campaigns, software developments, and disaster relief programs. The scheme has prevailed up to a great extent that many multi-national companies have not only supported this idea but are also working actively and seeking new ideas of establishing crowdfunding platforms. The idea of collecting funds using crowdfunding platforms has created such a hype in recent years that many well-known businessmen apart from their usual business setups have established dedicated organizations whose foremost duty is to investigate and propose different ideas of collecting funds through crowdfunding technique.


Online crowdfunding platform is still considered as primary stage to startup the collection of funds. However, there is still much room available to propose and practice different ideas in this field, making it more efficient, quicker and highly responsive. Think tanks have already focused their hawk eyes to establish other great crowndfunding platforms to ease the difficulties of this emerging world.

Group buying property means that you and your friends can pool in and can buy a property with good location

Group buying property means that you and your friends can pool in and can buy a property with good location. Group buying property also helps you to purchase expensive property because when the total income is divided among group of people then you can easily bear the expense. Legally maximum four persons can invest in a single property.

You can ask your close business partners to invest with you or you can also ask your family members to invest. Remember that when buying a group property you have to choose trust worthy people so that they cannot demand for more shares from the property. Buying group property always looks perfect when a person discuss it on a legal paper.


The real problem rise when a single member from the group decided that he cannot continue more with that property because he don’t have enough funds. As you know that everyone have the right to get separate when he does not have enough funds to pay for group property. You cannot bind someone to stay with you in financial matters.


Everyone is free to make his own decisions and when it’s the matter of financial problems no one can help you. If the problem of payment arises then you can replace that member with some other person. Else all members will be affected and will get bad credit record. You can also set some terms and conditions for the new member that he will pay some percentage and will get benefit according to that. You can also make an agreement and can discuss all sensitive matters in it. The agreement should be taken into account. You must also take some safety measures while making the agreement. You can note down some insurance policies as well. If a member of the group get sick then the partners will be paying for his health as well. It’s always safe to sign an insurance cover so that all legal matters can be discussed. Group buying property provides a lot of advantages as well. You can gain large profits and benefits. Now days all famous restaurants and hotels around the globe are controlled by a group of people who invested initially and with the passage of time they all got famous. When you’re going to have group buying property then always go for the best one. Try to purchase on a famous location and within couple of years you can see that how that property rates will raise. You can also purchase more property from the profit of that property. If you think like a neutral person then you will notice that there are more benefits of group buying property rather than a single person purchase it. So make your mind and ask your business partners to come and invest with you so that you all can have large profits.

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Investment property is a business that Helps You to Earn Large Income

Investment property means to buy more assets so that you can increase your money. A lot of investors invest in property so that they can earn other than their regular salary or income. If you’re new into this field and you don’t have idea that what basic steps you should follow then here are some investment property tips for you:

If you don’t have any experience then invests in a single family home. It’s always beneficial to start with a basic one and then move towards second step. If you want to purchase a home then never ask a real estate agent to help you out. As you know that they keep their large commission in it and you can lose your money. Moreover when you’re going to place your offer always place below the demanded price. This will help you to negotiate. Once you have negotiated on price then hire a contractor so that he can check home condition. Never forget to check molds, terminals and constructional conditions of the hone. After doing complete inspection then make a final offer and decide that you have to purchase that home or not. If the home needs any repairing then deduct the cost from the final offer.

Once you have purchased the home then you have to provide a new look to it. You have to make some changes in the home lawn. If you can hire a gardener then it’s good. You can hire a paint company so that they can paint your home in different soothing colors. Then you can move towards flooring. You can have carpets, wooden flooring or tile flooring. It all depends on your budget. Once your home interior is completed then you can also rent it to any family. You can also increase your home rent every year and can enjoy the large income easily. Remember that you have to keep a small budget in your monthly home rent of home maintains, taxes and insurance. You cannot avoid these important things and have to pay for them. Sometimes you get worried when your home remains vacant for several months and you want to rent it out immediately. To solve this issue you have to market your home or have to talk to home rental companies. These companies help you to rent out your home and they keep first rent as a commission.

Always remember that investment property is a business that helps you to earn large income. Initially if you’re not earning good amount then give some time to this business and your earning will increase. Always talk to different people who are expert into this field so that they can give you good advice. Just follow above given tips and flourish in this business easily.

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Top Crowd Funding Websites that can Provide them Real Investors

The most famous crowd funding website is kickstarter. This website is considered most famous and oldest crowd funding website. The specialty of this platform is that it has seventy four thousand projects at one time on it. Moreover donors raise large amounts through this website. Investors also invest a lot easily. This website is loved by the people because they donate for different fields. Those fields are art, games, technology and design. So people from different areas can come to this platform and can raise funds.

Second most famous crowd funding website is webfunder. This website is based on investors and it helps people to find investments. This website helps you to find minimum investment of $100 to the largest amount. Day by day this website is getting famous because of number
of investors. Investors are joining this website and they are ready to make small and large investments. So come and present your business plan on the website and find the right investor.

Third famous website is crowd funder. This website is based in Los Angeles. This website is working like a social networking website where investors and entrepreneur’s meet each other.
This website is famous because of its tools and start-up plans. This website also run different contest and provide cash prize on it. So all those people who are best in giving business ideas can join this website and can get a chance to try their luck. Indigogo is also very famous crowd funding website. This website is also raising millions of funds and has large networks. The basic
theme of this website is to generate ideas and ask people to donate funds on that plan so that it can be accomplished.

WO Funding  is also very famous crowd funding website. This website is also based on investors and professionals. Now days this website is getting famous day by day because of media exposure and social networking websites. There are many more websites that are famous of crowd funding. Famous names are seedinvest, Quirky, startsomegood, believers fund,fundraising etc. All these websites are based on same theme and people are finding investors from these websites easily.

Top Crowd Funding Websites are playing very major role in our business ideas. They help us to change our business plans into reality. So don’t worry if you don’t have money and you want to start your own business. Just join any crowd funding website and make your dreams come true.Just you have to join any famous crowd funding website and start working easily.

Crowd funding is considered the most demanding way generating donations.

Now day’s crowd funding platform is considered latest technique for raising funds. By using this technique people can request through websites to their donors for large donations. Now day’s crowd sourcing is also used for expanding business and different ventures. Moreover crowd funding platform is successfully implemented in different campaigns and reliefs. Crowd funding helps to raise money and allow people to make donations so that they can help different causes around the globe. The major advantage of crowd funding is that it seeks those people who want to donate and it also search those people who are looking for donations. It solves problem of both parties and help them mutually.

The major idea of crowd funding platform is very simple. All you have to do is just make a best plan and present it through your website. Different donors will check it. All those people who think that your plan is authentic and it will be a successful one they start donating to your organization. A lot of crowd funding platforms have also made their page on different social networking websites. They post their plans on social networking websites so that people can know about their organization and they can join it. Moreover social networking websites help them to attract more visitors on daily basis.

Normally crowd funding platforms start from small amounts. They usually ask their donors to donate 5% weekly or monthly and in this way they collect large amounts. Then they utilize this amount in their different projects like poverty, free education, ending hunger etc.  People from different countries read your plans on different crowd funding websites and they start donating. So try to present attractive and new plans so that you can help people in a unique way.

Crowd funding helps you to find donors. These donors are willing to donate to your organization. On the other hand your organization must have a start-up plan so that you can provide all details to your donors. Your organization has to create a start-up plan, terms and conditions, and managing collection of funds from donors. After this step you have to build a consistent relation with your donors. You can send then thank you letters and can inform them about your different projects. You can also tell them that where their amount is being used and how many people are living a standard life through their donations.

Crowd funding is considered the most demanding way generating donations. You can also have miracles by using it. So if you’re having a unique idea in your mind and you think that you can help a lot of people by generating donations then use crowd funding platform and start helping people. There are many crowds funding websites as well that help you to present your idea on their platform and you can get donors through their websites. These websites keep their small percentage and helps you to find donors.

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